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Welcome to the ImageStripHandler!

This program can be used to create counter, date, and time images using strip gif images. It can also create images using plain text for strings containing any type of character. The ImageStripHandler has the ability to alter the image via rotation, spin, inversion, and transparency. It also has the ability to create and update count files, allowing the user to keep track of things such as the number of hits on a website.

Table of Contents

Available Strips



Brief Description

Default Value

text The text to be displayed in the image. Valid chararacters for strip use are:

Numbers, "A", "P", "M", ":", ",", "-", "/"

Any other character will automatically cause the image to be displayed as a string
If no string is provided, it will display a counter based on the CounterFile.
fontfamily The font family to be used when text is displayed as a string. The font family must exist on the server or an error will be generated. The default is 'Arial'.
fontsize The font size to be used when text is displayed as a string. Min is 1, max is 60. The default is 12.
incr If true, will increment the CounterFile. false
cf The name of the CounterFile to increment. Valid extensions for the CounterFile are:

".txt", ".cnt"

resetcf Resets the provided CounterFile to 0. If no CounterFile is being provided it will reset the automaticlly created one (If it exists). false
bc The color of the border surrounding the image. Valid values for color are:

Color Names (i.e. "Blue", "Crimson", etc), Hex values (i.e. ffffff, 000000, etc)

bw The width of the border surrounding the image. 2
bg The color of the background for the image. (Mostly used with transparency) Black
fore The color of the text. Only used if the image will be displaying a string rather than a strip. Red
transparent If true, makes the background of the image transparent. false
str If true, creates the image using plain text rather than the strip. false
imgdir The name of the sub directory in the Images Directory containing the strip.gif file. ImgDirs can only contain:

Numbers, Letters, "-", "_"

strip The specific name of the image strip file to use. This will be fetched from the bulk collection. If this parameter is provided, imgdir is ignored. N/A
spin Spins the image by 90/180/270 degrees. false
sd The amount to spin the image by. (90, 180, 270) 270
rotate Stacks the image vertically rather than horizontally. false
invert Returns the image with all colors negated. false
pad If true, inserts padding with 0's based on the max digits.

If the counter provided is longer than the max digits, the padding will be ignored

digits The maximum amount of digits. Any extra digits will be filled in with blank spaces (If pad is true, will fill with 0's)

If the counter provided is longer than the max digits, the max digits will be ignored

version Returns a string image with the version number. All other parameters will be ignored except font family and font size. false

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